Tomb Raider Anniversary (360)

Tomb Raider Anniversary (360)

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I hate spinny blades, and I hate crushy doors. So imagine my under-enthusiastic response to the bit in the game I did today. Jumping from pillar to pillar, avoiding crushy doors and spinny blades. Joy!

Had loads of Anubiseseseses to kill as well. I do wonder if “hard mode” means “kill three baddies instead of two”. Individual baddies are still easy to wipe out, and jumps can’t really be made any harder than not-quite-impossible, so it isn’t that. And I get so many health packs I’m only ever bolstering my inventory and rarely actually using them, so that isn’t it either. Perhaps it’s the amount of damage I take? A swipe from a puma drops my health by more than a third.

Whatever it is, I’m not finding the actual game too taxing. Yet.

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