Tomb Raider Anniversary (360): COMPLETED!

Tomb Raider Anniversary (360): COMPLETED!

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And it’s about time! I’ve not completed anything in aaaaages.

As usual, I won’t spoil the last few bits of the game. I will say, however, there’s lots of precision jumping, at speed, requiring lightning reactions. And lots of giant bat things that shoot fireballs.

And lava. Lots of lava.

But the end boss was pretty easy, and I beat it on my first attempt (although it did take ages). I didn’t get the achievement for doing it without dying though, so I don’t know what happened there. Anyway, the game is complete, on Hard Mode. It’s the first game in years I’ve done on Hard Mode, probably the only game ever I’ve started on Hard and completed (rather than completing it on an easier mode and replaying it on Hard). It wasn’t especially hard though, I don’t think. Easy must be a complete walkover.

So the verdict: Not as good as Legend, better than I expected, too many collect-all-these bits, but generally pretty great.

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