Patapon (PSP)

Patapon (PSP)

Haven’t played this for just over a week or so, it seems, so I did get a little confused as to the rhythms for the commands. I need to take on a load of guard posts, but after three defeats (the first because one of the posts has a Patapon squishing device on it!) I decided to try something else instead, and went back to an earlier level for a bit of hunting.

After that, I returned to kill Dodonga (now on level 3), but almost there as well as he was much harder than I was expecting – I had just two archers left. I need to level-up my Patapons somehow, but can’t figure out how. the game suggests killing old bosses, but I can’t even do that without dying. There’s a cook somewhere that can make me potions, but where?

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