Grand Theft Auto IV (360)

Grand Theft Auto IV (360)

After making the difficult decision on whether to kill *spoiler* or *spoiler*, I ended up killing both via saving and reloading. My first choice (who was the one you meet earlier in the game than the other) was the one I stuck with. I got a new safehouse for my trouble.

Then I spent the best part of three hours attempting the same mission over and over and over and over again. “Three Leaf Clover”. You have to rob a bank with Packie, then eascape, make it into the underground, come back above ground, nick a car, and make it back to Packie’s house. Without Packie or his brother dying. Or you dying, obviously. And you have a five-star rating almost the entire time. It took loads of attempts to even get as far as the underground station, let alone the (more difficult) car journey home. As I posted on a forum:

…it took me six attempts to even get as far as having a car – got a police car, which blew up. Next go there were *no* cars for me to nick, so had to run home and got shot. Next go, got a van which was rammed into the river on the bridge. Next go, got another police car but was shot dead before I could pull away. Then got another van, made it over the bridge, but got my tyres shot out and drove into a wall, causing the van to stall, the police to carch up, and Packie to die. Then I got a normal sort of car, but neither Derrick or Packie would get in, and so one of them died. *Then* I got another van and *again* ended up in the river because a police car drove under me launching me off the bridge. Derrick wouldn’t get out of the van so drowned.

Frustrating, not least because there are absolutely no checkpoints, so you have to do the long, relatively easy, bits over and over just to get to the hard bit and die.

Thankfully, I finally managed it, through sheer fluke. Again, as I posted elsewhere:

I came back outside, and tried to get in the car placed by the exit, but got mown down by a police car. Killed the police and nicked their car, and made it to the first corner. Got stinger’d just past it, then made it to the next corner, and for some reason I lost all my stars. The police cars chasing me just drove on past! So I nicked a car hat didn’t have burst tyres and very carefully drove the boys home.


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