Grand Theft Auto IV (360)

Grand Theft Auto IV (360)

Oh – I forgot this!

GTA Glitch Watch
Some great ones today. First up was when I was chasing after *spoiler* to kill him. I cornered him in an alley, and when I shot him, he collapsed and his head and top half of his body fell through a wall. He dropped his gun, but it too was “in” the wall (I could see the red glow, but not the gun).

I was driving across the main bridge from Broker to the middle island, when for no reason at all, the car slammed into something that wasn’t there and launched me through the windscreen. It was like hitting a low wall, but the was nothing in the way.

I went to buy some guns, and in the gun shop I picked up an assault rifle. Niko held it and swung it round a bit, then it vanished from his hands – but he was still doing the holding-it motions.

On the Three Leaf Clover mission, on one of my many attempts, I came across a completely indestructable policeman in one of the alleys you run down. He wasn’t behind cover, but simply refused to take damage. I ended up failing the mission as he killed Packie.

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