Nodame Cantabile (DS): COMPLETED!

Nodame Cantabile (DS): COMPLETED!

Erm, yeah. Already.

After just another half and hour’s play, I reached the final performance, in which it was revealed that virtually all the other characters in the game are, in fact, the orchestra. I imagine you’d know that if you’d seen the anime the game is based on, or can read Japanese. And then there were the credits.

After that, racoonhamsterbear thing played a Special Stage (the game’s theme tune), and it was all over. And! Shock! Racoonhamsterbear was just someone in a suit! OMG!

So, a game that’s excellent fun, but very short. However, Ouendan is also very short (albeit a lot harder than this), so I can’t really hold that against it. And it was only four quid. It’s gone up in price a bit now, but Play Asia still have it pretty cheap if you want it.

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