Toki Tori (Wii)

Toki Tori (Wii)

Yeah, yeah – I wasn’t going to buy any more Wii downloadable content. Partly because of the nasty experience I’ve had losing full access to £400-worth of Xbox 360 DLC (all Microsoft’s fault), but mainly because my Wii is full and I don’t want to delete or move anything until Nintendo develop some proper sort of storage system.

But then I saw Toki Tori on the new-today WiiWare shop.

I had to move two N64 VC games, and delete my WiiFit channel, but it’s now bought, downloaded and played. And? It’s very good! It’s cute, and reminds me a lot of Adventure of Lolo – which is aces. So far I’ve completed all of the first world’s normal levels, most of the hard levels, and about 4 of the second world’s levels. Some of the hard ones have been more than a little difficult…

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