Halo (Xbox)

Halo (Xbox)

And so it gets worse. The same corridors over and over and over and over again on the alien space ship. The way you go through essentially the same hanger 5 times. The fact everything is too dark to see. The annoying little baddies that sound like Ewoks. The way I had to complete almost the entire chapter with just one block of health. That chapter really was horrible.

But then it was onto The Silent Cartographer. I recall from various forums and newsgroups, several years ago, that this chapter was a highlight in the game. It certainly started well, with a beach landing and a big gunfight. However, then it was back into the Warthog and round and round the island I went trying to find a pathway further inland, only to discover it’s behind a tree and you don’t need (in fact, can’t use) the Warthog at all.

And then wave after wave after wave of the same baddies over and over again, in the dark again. Tedious. Anyway, I’ve reached a building now. Lets hope it’s the same rooms over and over!

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  1. I am hoping, PRAYING, that you stick with it long enough to reach the library. Really. Truly. Reading of your experiences there will undoubtedly be one of the high points of my life.


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