Halo (Xbox)

Halo (Xbox)

I’ve played it before. And didn’t like it. And I tried again on the PC. And didn’t like it. I’ve always found it dull, dark, slow and boring.

So, having bought it at a car boot sale yesterday for the princely sum of £1.50, I thought I’d play it again. Not least because I got the sequel at the same time (for the same price), and I have a mostly unplayed Halo 3 for the 360 sat on a shelf. About time I played the trilogy, yes?

Or no. I just can’t like it. As a FPS, Timesplitter 2 (and 3) and Half-Life (and HL2) kick it into a cocked hat. Its story is yawnsome – aliens attack your ship, you escape and crash land on alien planet, you have to find survivorzzzzzzz. Seen and done before. Before Halo originally came out, even.

And the Warthog is is rubbish. The controls are just ridiculous for it. Why you can’t use a trigger button to accelerate, I don’t know.

But I’m on the alien ship bit, and it’s just wave after wave after wave of tedious fighting in dark warehouses and dark corridors and I’m really not enjoying it at all. At least I’ve gotten further than I’ve ever done previously. That’s something, I suppose.

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