Lit (Wii)

Lit (Wii)

I’ve been playing this quite a lot over the last week or so. I saw the (short and uninformative) trailer a while ago and thought it looked good, but didn’t really know what to expect in terms of gameplay.

Turns out it’s great! It’s sort of the opposite of my least favourite sort of game ever – stealth. Instead of staying hidden in the dark, you have to stay in the light, lighting areas of the room to reach the exit. Step into the dark, and evil nasties drag you too your death.

It reminds me a little of Adventures of Lolo for the NES, even though it isn’t really that similar. It’s just the same sort of thought processes and pace, I suppose.

You have to ultimately escape a school, one room at a time with a few bosses along the way. You start in room 100, and so far I’ve made it up to 120, including three or four bosses.

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