Broken Sword: The Director’s Cut (Wii)

Broken Sword: The Director’s Cut (Wii)

I last played this, albeit in its GBA guise, almost 5 years ago. Which is long enough ago for me to not remember everything about it, but at the same time it’s a bit familiar. The Wii version is slightly different, what with the FMV bits, the voice acting (especially Nico’s hilarious there-it-is, now-it’s-not French accent) and the Wii Remote activated puzzles. The latter of these seemed to crop up a lot at the start of the game, then there were very few, and no – at 90% complete – there are a load of them again.

One of which I’m actually very badly stuck on. I have a wheel within a wheel, and each wheel has roman numerals on them. According to the instructions, my diary has made a note of the order of the numerals, so I can complete the puzzle. Only it hasn’t.

I know where the numerals came up in the game (in the tomb in the church in Paris), but my dairy didn’t record them for me. And, since I can’t leave Spain (where I am currently) until I’ve passed this puzzle, I can’t go back and check them. So I’m totally stumped. How annoying that I’m almost at the end (and nearly 10 hours in – it’s pretty much the only game I’ve played in a week) and can’t progress. Rubbish.

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