Bit.Trip Runner (Wii)

Bit.Trip Runner (Wii)

I got internet access back at home this week, finally, just in time for the release of Bit.Trip Runner. I’d played one of the previous Bit.Trip games – Beat – a while back, but found it way too hard. Although I liked the style, I didn’t bother with Core and Void as I thought they’d be too hard too.

With Runner, however, I couldn’t resist. I knew it was going to play like a “big” version of games like Run! on the iPhone and Canabalt, both of which I love. And Runner, too, is amazing.

And hard.

It took me about 40 minutes to clear levels 1-1 to 1-10. Then it took a whole hour to finish 1-11! Now I’m on the boss, who is also hard.

Thing is, the instant-restart (you don’t press anything – you just begin the level again immediately upon death) really pushes the just-one-more-go factor, pretty much forcing you to play again, so it was quite difficult to stop!

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