Lego Indiana Jones 2 (360)

Lego Indiana Jones 2 (360)

It was my birthday yesterday, and my lovely wife and daughter bought me this (and two other sequels – Mass Effect 2 and Bioshock 2). So I set up my 360 for the first time in three months and had a go.

It actually took quite a while to get into the game, but once in, it was all great!

Clearly it’s going to be more of the same Lego stuff, but there are differences. Each “episode” has its own hub world where some of the action takes place, and other levels (“proper” and bonus) are opened up from. There are puzzles in the hub to do this. The actual levels themselves are more like the original title, only (so far) they’ve been a fair bit shorter. Not that that’s a bad thing, of course.

The graphics have been really upgraded since the last Lego title too. No longer do they just look like shiny PS2 bricks – they’re proper HD now!

So far, I’ve completed two “proper” and three “bonus” levels, as well as some of the smaller story events, for The Crystal Skull.

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