Sometimes, I really hate my 360

This was my experience of setting my Xbox 360 up again for the first time in three months, so I could play Lego Indiana Jones 2, which I got for my birthday yesterday.

I unpacked it. Then it all went wrong. There were FIVE system updates, one of which froze my 360 (as is usually the case with system updates). After that I couldn’t connect to Live, except I was connected, could see messages, send messages, browse the shop, etc., but it told me I was offline and when I went to Sign In (yes, I wasn’t signed in even though I was!?) it told me Live as not available and to check my connection. So I did a network test, which told me it couldn’t get an IP address even though it listed I had one in the network settings, and in my router config. So I turned it all off and went out.

Came back later and it was working again. So I installed LIJ2 to the hard drive, and ran it. 30 seconds into the game, it froze my 360. Reboot. Same. Reboot, it then asked me to update the game, so I did, and it froze my 360. Rebooted. Game loaded again, no update this time, still crashed. Reboot, asked to update again, so did, and it crashed. Tinternets says the crashing is fixed by the update. Sigh.

So deleted all the cached updates from my 360. Loaded LIJ2. It asked to update. Updated fine. Ran fine. 30 seconds in, crashed.

Deleted it from the hard drive, ran it from disc, and got 2 hours of game out of it without a single hang, crash or freeze.

Now I ask you – WHY?

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