Trackmania DS (DS)

Trackmania DS (DS)

I bought this a while ago from a car boot sale having remembered that I enjoyed it on the PC way-back-when, and knowing that it didn’t rely on amazing graphics so the DS version (which I didn’t know existed) would probably be quite good. Especially if it had the platform and puzzle levels I liked most, and it did.

Things started out well enough, with me rattling through the first time trial tracks in racing, off-road and rally cars (all of which handle differently), and although the camera could do with being a bit higher and there really needs to be a map of the track somewhere on the screens, it was certainly fun.

Then I got stuck on a platform track. And by stuck I don’t mean I don’t know how to do it – I do – I mean I can’t complete it. I can get to the final checkpoint, upon passing which… Nothing happens. I fall off the track, and don’t complete it. Rubbish.

Again and again, I tried, hoping it was a bug that randomly occurred, but no. Every single time, I reach the end, and it doesn’t trigger.

Now, since I can’t progress onto the next tracks until I’ve completed this one, I’m stuck. Forever. Because the game is broken.

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