Mario Kart 7 (3DS): COMPLETED!

Mario Kart 7 (3DS): COMPLETED!

I got this for Christmas, and it’s the main thing I’ve been playing then and all this week. I’ve come to the conclusion that it is the best Mario Kart game yet. It doesn’t have the silly gimmicks of the GC and Wii games. It’s graphically better than all previous titles. It doesn’t have the big empty tracks of the N64 version. And it has a return of the coins from the GBA and SNES games. It also seems that the powerups are distributed a bit more fairly too, especially with regards to the blue shell – it’s rare to get more than a couple each race now, rather than get hit over and over and over by them.

Although I’ve played online a bit (which was fun and worked really well), I’ve mainly been playing offline, completing the Grand Prix races. Today, I won the final 150cc cup, having done 50 and 100cc previously. It seemed a bit easier than the last Mario Kart games (the Wii one) I played too, but that could be due to me carefully choosing kart customisations.

Fantastic game, and will get a lot more play from me still even though it’s “over”.

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