Batman: Arkham City (PC)

Batman: Arkham City (PC)

No, that isn’t a mistake up there. Nor an April Fool, despite the date. I really did say “PC”. Technically, it’s a Mac, but under Windows. Anyhoo.

With a machine capable of playing it, and an offer of Arkham City for £11.60 (when the 360 version is still £20+), and a promise that you can just use a 360 controller and plug it into a TV, I was tempted enough to get it. And yes, all those things work.

I’ll get onto the game in a minute, but even with all the 360-fication of this PC game (controller, “Xbox” Live, TV), it still feels wrong. It doesn’t feel like I’m playing it on a console. I’m not even sure that, graphically, I’m far ahead of the 360 version either. And let us not forget the journey getting here.

Thankfully, the game is great. I wouldn’t say worth it, as I get the nagging feeling I’d rather be playing it on the Xbox, but yes – it’s great. It took a while to click, as I was still in Assassin’s Creed mode, and so took three hours to stop pressing RT to run (it just makes Batman crouch) and pressing the wrong buttons to bring up the weapon (or rather, gadget) selector.

But I’m mostly over that, and swinging round a room, taking out baddies one by one, scaring the bejesus out of those who remain. Lovely. Less lovely are the Catwoman sections, but they’re not too bad as to ruin it. They may yet though – I’m only up as far as finding Mr Freeze.

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