Stuff I’ve been playing recently

Stuff I’ve been playing recently

I’ve not just been completing things, you know…

Johnny Kung Fu (3DS)

I was really looking forward to this when it was announced. Reviews were not kind, but I thought – they’re wrong, right? They were not wrong. Sure, it’s not terrible. And, separately, each level is fine. The problem is the game is a confused mess of Game & Watch, Kung Fu Master, and Wario Ware and it doesn’t really gel properly. Oh well.

Marvel Pinball 3D (3DS)

It’s Zen Pinball (which is awesome) only with four different tables (which is awesome). And, it’s awesome. Mainly playing the Captain America table at the moment.

Skylanders (360)

Recently, I was informed that you don’t actually need two “portals” to play two player, so I’ve been playing it a bit with my daughter as player two. Which is great and all, but she’s not quite got it yet and keeps dragging me off to my death. Oops.

Slay (iOS)

Still the best iOS (and Windows Pocket PC, originally!) game by a hundred billion miles.

Lego Star Wars III (360)

Started the second run through the game – in Free Play mode now. Only done three levels though. Pretty sure I’ve got True Jedi on every level now, but the achievement hasn’t “popped”. Unless you have to do all the ground battles too?

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