Machinarium (iOS): COMPLETED!

Machinarium (iOS): COMPLETED!

Ages back, I bought the Mac version of this in a hitherto unplayed Indie Bundle. Or Humble Bundle. Or something. I was using my laptop the other day, and my daughter, being nosy, wanted to see what I was doing and decided we had to play something. One of the few games I had installed was this.

We had a go, and she liked it, but she can’t use a trackpad so kept getting frustrated and tried poking the screen. I decided to buy the iPad version instead, in the hope that would be easier. Thankfully, it was.

Between us, we completed it in about 4 hours. That’s probably a lot longer than the game actually is, but she is only three and I did try to let her solve as many problems and explore everywhere as much as I could.

It was a pretty good game too. Some of the puzzles were a bit obscure, and I didn’t really like the arcadey “Hall of the Things” type bit near the end, but my daughter really enjoyed it and it was great playing it together.

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