Rayman Origins (3DS): COMPLETED!

Rayman Origins (3DS): COMPLETED!

A delight from start to finish.

I’ve never been a fan of Rayman games, really. I had the one on the Jaguar, a few of the 3D ones on various consoles, and have played several others. They just seemed more on the Bubsy/Gex level of platforming dullness than Sonic/Mario. Rayman Origins somehow won me over, though.

Maybe it’s a combination of nostalgia, quirkiness, and inventiveness. Who knows.

Today, I completed it. Like most games, completed isn’t the end, and Rayman extends things by including stuff to collect each level. Most levels have three or five electoons up for grabs. You get one for finishing the course, and the rest for getting so many, er, whatever those yellow things are and/or freeing hidden captive electoons en route. Naturally, getting them all isn’t easy, and I’ve only nabbed about 60% of them.

Then there’s some treasure chests you have to chase – one per world, unlocked with the right number of electoons – and I’ve only done two of the ten necessary. Add to that getting a medal in each level, and beating the time trials in each level, and you can see why my “completed” save is still only showing 41% done. Hmm.

I don’t know if I’ll go back. I enjoyed it all, sure, but I can see 100%ing the game is going to be frustrating and repetitive, so I’ll probably step away now.

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