Mega-lo-Mania (MD): COMPLETED!

Mega-lo-Mania (MD): COMPLETED!

tumblr_nb4vmw3lq21svmpf2o1_1280It can’t be two and a half years since I last played this. Surely. I’m sure I’ve played it more recently. Maybe I did, but didn’t mention it.

This playthrough had a rare occurrence! Usually, when I reach the final level, I have nobody to beat and just instawin. You see, in the last few epochs, you’re supposed to hibernate some of your men so they’re around for the final battle.

tumblr_nb4vkmbrdp1svmpf2o1_1280Your rival gods are supposed to do the same, but they almost never do, meaning you reach the end fight and have nobody to fight against. This time, though, I had someone to beat!

And that took ten seconds as I had ten times as many men. One day, Mega-lo-Mania! One day you’ll beat me!

Or won’t.

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