10 Gaming Years

10 Gaming Years

10years10 years ago today, on the 1st January 2005, I posted my very first Gaming Diary post. Back then, I was using Blogger and it uploaded posts via FTP to my own server when I published. After a few years, Google decided to discontinue this ability, leaving me with three options: give my domain name to Google and continue with Blogger, change to a Blogger or Blogspot URL and continue with Blogger, or cut the  cord and import the lot into a shiny new blogging platform called WordPress, which I had installed on my own server.

I chose the latter, pressed the import button, and crossed my fingers.

It worked! After a very long and somewhat scary few minutes, my Gaming Diary was copied over to WordPress. Then I realised I’d made a mistake in the configuration and the post formats or something were not correct, so I deleted it and tried again, this time with the correct settings. Then it was all working how I want it, and, some wonky upgrades notwithstanding, it has remained that way ever since.

Unfortunately, my very first two posts on the old Blogger were lost to the internet aetherial plane during testing (I accidentally told it to move, not copy or something) before the import, but I do remember they were both about Anarchy Online. Remember that? It was my first – and only – foray into that sort of MMORPG, and signalled pretty much the end of my time playing any sort of PC games. Still, my third ever post still exists here, about the lovely Pikmin 2 on the Gamecube. Back when Pikmin 2 was a current title. That’s two whole generations ago! How time flies.

Over the years I’ve blogged about so many games. Hundreds of them. Just taking into account those I’ve completed takes the number up to 474. That’s over 47 games a year! There are countless more I never completed, including Anarchy Online, and so many demos. I’d be surprised if I hadn’t covered over 1000 titles, probably much more than 1000.

In recent years I’ve posted less frequently, and included more “roundup” posts. Perhaps this was due to lack of time, but I’ve tried to make up for it by writing in more detail about games in the “completed” posts. So quantity of posts may have dropped, but quality and length have hopefully increased. F’nar.

Thanks for reading, and, if you managed to do so for the full ten years, blimey. What the hell is wrong with you? Here’s to another ten!


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