Doom Demo (PS4)

Doom Demo (PS4)

Just a quick post about this, really. Not least because the demo is pretty short. Now, I did enjoy the original Doom games but Doom 3, as a more survival horror title, wasn’t my sort of thing at all. Since then, I’ve veered away from first person shooters in general, especially if the main thing they involve is, well, shooting. I prefer to have to think a bit, so Bioshock and Dishonoured both appeal more.

However, because it’s been getting a lot of good press and it’s there, I thought I’d try the Doom (that’s new Doom, please stop using the same name for different games, games companies!) demo.

And? I liked it! It’s big and fast and bright, exactly like Doom 3 isn’t. It’s wide open spaces not dark grimy corridors. It’s crushing the skulls of baddies in over the top ways. Mindless, quick, old-school, shooty fun. I was very surprised.

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