Retro City Rampage DX (3DS): COMPLETED!

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retro city rampage dx

Do you remember a while back, when they did that Nintendo Humble Bundle? That was great, wasn’t it? One of the games in that pack was Retro City Rampage DX for the 3DS. I’d already completed the game on the Xbox 360 a couple of years back, but was ready to do it again – this time with a decent d-pad.

retro city rampage

The DX version is supposedly improved. In what ways I’m not completely sure, although it seems that some missions have additional midway restart points. I might be wrong, but I’m sure I found some of them (like the Smash TV section, and the Buttnick fight in the castle) must easier this time.

Aside from imperceptible after all this time changes, it’s the same game as before. It’s still funny, it’s still varied, and it’s still bonkers. The lovely retro pixelness of it all seems to fit a lot better on the 3DS screen though, and being able to touch the bottom screen to select weapons, or use the map, is a nice addition too.

retro city rampage

I haven’t done many side missions, as I was mainly focusing on the main story, but Retro City Rampage is┬ádefinitely going to get brought out again whenever I need to mow down some pedestrians. Which happens rather a lot. Some of the mini-games need some more play too, so it’s nice to have it installed on my 3DS for whenever.

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