A Castle Full of Cats (Switch): COMPLETED!

A Castle Full of Cats (Switch): COMPLETED!

A while back I played A Building Full of Cats, to which this is a follow-up. For the most part, it’s more of the same – find hidden cats in a number of cluttered rooms – only here there’s some curse or something which means that the cats are often bat-cats, mummy-cats, vampire-cats, skeleton-cats, or Cthulu-cats.

There’s also a plot, items besides cats (like keys) that you need to find to open up other areas, secret rooms, and even a boss battle against a very Castlevania inspired Vampire Cat. Cat-stlevania?

As before, it’s not especially challenging, although you do need to be very observant and frequently need to zoom in as much as possible – some cats are tiny! The new features are fun and add a bit more to the proceedings, and it was a nice little time-waster for very little money.

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