Luck Be A Landlord (Steam Deck): COMPLETED!

Luck Be A Landlord (Steam Deck): COMPLETED!

You know what the perfect game for a super-powered handheld console that costs £350 and I had to wait for months for is? A free fruit machine game, obviously.

I’d played and completed Luck Be A Landlord a while back on the Mac, but I never really stopped playing it. There are later modes with harder goals that unlock and it’s just a fun thing to play for five minutes every so often. And by five minutes I mean an entire weekend.

Anyway, since putting it on my Steam Deck I found the version it installed on there was newer and so had some additional items and some tweaks here and there, plus I didn’t transfer my save so had to start again. Which I did. And then completed it again (with the landlord being devoured by wolves) before sinking a number of hours into endless mode once I’d done so.

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