Mario vs. Donkey Kong (Switch): COMPLETED!

Mario vs. Donkey Kong (Switch): COMPLETED!

Donkey Kong ’94 on the Game Boy is one of my favourite platformers. After the first four levels, which are the same as the original Donkey Kong arcade game, it becomes this massive puzzle platformer with a very agile Mario up against Donkey Kong. Mario vs. Donkey Kong, the Game Boy Advance sequel, was also great, but it introduced levels with mini Mario toys in it that you have to help to the exit in a very Troddlers/Krusty’s Super Fun House sort of way. I didn’t enjoy those as much, but the majority of the levels are in the “original” style so it was fine.

Later follow-ups focus almost entirely on these mini Mario type levels and I lost interest in the series. While I’d love a new one just like Donkey Kong ’94, that isn’t happening so I took a punt on this – a remake of the GBA game. And, as it turns out, it’s bloody good.

Of course, it’s pretty much the same game as it was before, only with extra polish on the graphics. It was too long ago that I played the GBA version to remember how the puzzles were solved, so it’s nearly new to me anyway.

If you’ve never played any in this Mario spin-off series, then the purpose of each small level is to firstly get to the key and drop it into a keyhole, followed by another short level where you have to rescue a mini Mario toy. Puzzles come in the form of coloured switches that make platforms, barrier and ladders appear (or disappear), conveyor belts, lasers, and various enemies you have to avoid or make use of as steps. Mario has various jumps and backflips and can handstand so feels really athletic. Not quite Mario 64, but fun to throw around the screen. The gameplay remains intact from the GBA game, but added cut scenes and improved music help make it feel like a new game.

Now Nintendo, make another one only without the mini Marios. Thanks xx.

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