Portal (Switch): COMPLETED!

Portal (Switch): COMPLETED!

It has been a while. I’ve often thought about playing through Portal again, especially since I have it on Steam and so could play it on my Steam Deck. So, naturally, I bought it for the Switch. To be fair, it was a bundle of Portal and Portal 2, and it was on sale for under £3. And you can’t own the same game on too many platforms.

Although it looks a little dated now, perhaps not as much as it would otherwise thanks to the graphic style and mostly “plain” areas, Portal still holds up really well as both clever and a game that makes you feel clever for solving the puzzles. I still remembered the overall plot, but had almost completely forgotten each level’s puzzles so in some ways it felt like playing a new Portal game. Which is nice.

It’s still funny, the cake is still a lie (or not), and I very much enjoyed it. Again.

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