Play Want Bin Expense: 2017-03-20

Still no Linkle.

That Zelda game, eh? Blimey.


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Switch)
Some 60 hours in now. I downed the third big beastie, but then went off somewhere else and haven’t gone back. Instead, I’ve been finding shrines and towers and stuff, (52 of the former completed, all bar one of the latter) have explored a lot, found some more memories, and reached Rito Village. I’m still enjoying it. A lot, now. But it’s still no HYRULE WARRIORS.

The Battle Cats POP! (3DS)
Completed! I’ve unlocked a new chapter too, but not sure if I can be bothered to play any further.

Thirty Flights of Loving (Mac)
I completed this too. It was hard not to, actually, since it was only about 20 minutes long. It’s a narrative discovery game, with a disjointed story and everyone in it looks like they’ve been ripped out of Minecraft. Maybe that’s intentional. Had a few technical issues (it crashed), and afterwards I did think “is that it?”. Seems, yes, that is it.

Potatoman Seeks the Troof (Mac)
A side scrolling platform dodge-em-up. Apparently it’s very short, but I still didn’t complete it because the level on a mountain is too hard. It looks like an Atari 2600 game, which I like. I may try again.


Same as last week. Sonic Mania, in particular. Lego City Undercover is out soon (again) as well, so I’ll be needing that. Both Switch, of course.


This finger pain. Still no known cause of it. At least I can mostly keep a lid on it at the moment, even if it does mean keeping so warm I melt.


Thankfully, nothing. Phew!

Alphabest: GameCube – J

J is for Jay

Where would we be without J, eh? Ancient Rome, that’s where. Ho ho. Let us see what one of our more modern, relatively speaking, letters has brought us.


Good grief. What a pile of tripe. It’s going to be hard to pick something even decent from this list, let alone anything good.

Let us start by discounting Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 9. And Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 9 Chou Ketteiban. And Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 10. And Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 10 Chou Ketteiban. And… you get the idea. Nine of these baseball games graced the GameCube, in Japan at least, one every 6 months or so. I’m sure they’re great baseball games. They might even be the very best baseball games. But they’re baseball games.

Then there’s Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, which falls in the category of Dire Nickelodeon Licensed Trash (I think that’s a real genre, actually). It won’t be winning any prizes sat there, I can tell you.

Which brings us limping to The Best J Has To Offer. Hold onto your hats, kids!

Jeremy McGrath Supercross World is a cross country motorbike racing game that just loves brown. Do you love bikes and brown? You’ll love this then! Maybe. Actually, it just looks a lot like that boring brown track on Mario Kart 64. But still – it’s not terrible. Well maybe a bit. Mmm, brown.

judge dreddJudge Dredd: Dredd vs. Death is a first person shooter with quite nice cartoon graphics. It’s no XIII, but it does let you arrest perps (and/or shoot them in the legs) and say I AM THE LAW. And pretend you have the largest chin in the world. OK, so you bounce up and down like you’re on a space hopper as you walk, but dat chin.

And the Alphabest?

I’m pretty sure this is the worst collection of games for an Alphabest so far. Even the very best is poor at most. But! A winner must be decided, and I’ve decided it will be… Judge Dredd: Dredd vs. Death. Mainly because it has Judge Dredd in it.

Everyone pray for K.

Play Want Bin Expense: 2017-03-13

Retool Warriors

All of the Zelda, all of the time.


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Switch)
I said a lot about this last week, and now, some 35+ hours in, I stand by what I said. I’ve “released” two divine beasts now, and boarded a third, but it still feels like Assassin’s Creed. I’m not enjoying the crafting or the constantly breaking weapons, but I am still enjoying the game as a whole. So there’s that, I suppose.

The Battle Cats POP! (3DS)
The only thing other than Zelda I’ve played all week, pretty much. Imagine a simplified Swords and Soldiers, only with various cats as your soldiers, and you’ve pretty much got it. It’s great too, but there’s a massive, massive flaw. It’s built like a mobile game with IAPs. After a while, you can’t play any more levels because you’ve no energy and have to wait for it to regenerate. Or, as you’d expect for a mobile game with IAPs, buy something with real money (cat food, in this case) to hurry things along. Except… there’s no way of buying IAPs in the game. All the “fun” of an IAP game, with none of the “benefits”. So now I have to wait 90 minutes to continue playing for no actual reason. Amazing.


Lots of Switch indie stuff like Shovel Knight, Stardew Valley and WarGroove, but no point buying anything until Zelda is complete. Not that they’re all out yet anyway. Some new Sonic Mania videos came out this week and it looks bloody awesome. Just look at this:


Whatever the hell I have wrong with my nervous system. Cold/hot/tingling/painful skin. Mainly my fingers and toes, but also my arms and legs to a lesser degree.


Nothing this week. Which, considering last week, is probably for the best.

It hurts to type

So I’m not typing much

I seem to be suffering from some form of Raynauds Syndrome, so my fingers hurt. But in a strange way. The tips are hyper-sensitive, meaning touching anything is an ordeal.

On the one hand, I feel like Matt Murdock, but on the other hand, thousands of tiny knives. Actually, both hands have the tiny knives.

In all, means I won’t be writing much here for a little while.

Play Want Bin Expense: 2017-03-06

Link! He come to town!

It’s March already. Blimey. That means the Nintendo Switch is out! Good job I got one of them then, eh?


BioShock: Burial at Sea (PC)
Both Episode 1, which I completed, and Episode 2 which I’m less than an hour into. It’s confusing. I don’t understand which DeWitt/Comstock I am, or rather, was, and now into Episode 2 I have my concerns about who Elizabeth is as well. I’m pretty sure she’s a Little Sister, but who knows? I’ve been enjoying it but it doesn’t quite mesh the two BioShock eras together.

And then of course, I got a Switch. You can read more about that in my previous post, which includes some bits about the games I’ve played on it too. The main one, of course, is:

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Switch)
I wrote a big bit here, but to summarise: It isn’t Zelda, it’s Assassin’s Creed. It isn’t bad, but HYRULE WARRIORS is far, far better. It looks nice. It has a jerky framerate. I’m enjoying it though, which isn’t what I expected.


Sonic and Mario Switch games, but they’re a waaaaaay off right now. I think I want Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove on the Switch, as I loved the original but never played much of the DLC. Blaster Master Zero and Pocket Rumble this week too, and I want both of them.

Further away, Stardew Valley, Lego City Undercover, Puyo Puyo Tetris, Snake Pass, Yooka Laylee, Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap, SteamWorld Dig 2, WarGroove, Hollow Knight, ToeJam and Earl 4 and Dragon Quest Heroes I&II.

That’ll do, pig. That’ll do.


Carpal tunnel. Or whatever the hell it is that’s causing me to have cold fingertips.


Oh no. Oh no.

Nintendo Switch – £271.45
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Special Edition – £56.46
Neon Joy-Con Pair – £77.45
Pro Controller – £58.60
Snipperclips – £15.60
Fast RMX – £12.74



Some Switch Comments

You can hold it in your hand very tightly (very tightly)

I’ve had a Switch for more than 24 hours now, so it’s time to talk about it. In a stream of consciousness list form, and mainly concentrating on the negative aspects, because that’s how the internet reports on things now, isn’t it. Hot takes! Coming through!

It’s so much faster than the Wii U
I don’t mean performance-wise, as I’ve seen nothing to suggest that’s the case. No, I mean the UI, starting up, poking around the settings and stuff.

switch home screen

It’s all so very sparse
“Clean” is one way of describing it. The 3DS and Wii U came with all sorts of trinkets and oddities preinstalled, like the AR stuff and other tech demos. Nothing here like that. The eShop too is bare bones, and not simply because there aren’t any games yet. It’s three pages of big “metro” style panels. That’s it.

The home screen is going to fill up quick
I’ve only got five game icons on it and have to scroll through them already. Make the panels smaller, or have folders, or something, sooner rather than later!

The Pro controller is excellent
Comfortable, weighty and with great button press feedback.

The joycons are… odd
Separately, one in each hand, they’re OK. The right stick is a little hard to use like this, but they’re OK. Using a single one as a controller on its own, is less good. They don’t fit in your hand properly and they’re tiny. Even with the rail things on the SL and SR buttons aren’t well positioned and seem pretty unresponsive.

I’ve not had the left joycon disconnect issue
Not yet, anyway, but it seems it’s only Zelda that it has been affecting and I’ve not played that in the way that the problem manifests.

As a handheld, it isn’t great
Two and a half hours on Zelda and the Switch battery was begging for electrons. The whole unit is too heavy, and too thin, to be held comfortably for a long period. The controls on either side seem too far apart as well.

The screen is nice
It is, actually. Incredibly responsive when typing on the on-screen keyboard too.

Sharing screenshots
Needs to be quicker. Too many steps, far too slow. At least let me copy them to a USB drive or something.

The Switch game cards do taste disgusting

It’s region free!
Which is excellent news. Even the Switch eShop is effectively region free too! I set up a Japanese account and downloaded demos of Puyo Puyo Tetris and Dragon Quest Heroes I&II. They’re not in the UK eShop, but Just Work from the Japanese one. And speaking of games…


Is frustrating. Fantastic, but with three players so damn frustrating. Why won’t you just do what I say, idiot family members?! Note: if family members are reading, I love you very much.

fast rmx

Fast RMX
Is fast. It feels like F-Zero GX did, which I suppose is the point. The looks great, and I can see other people really enjoying it. Just not me so much as I’m not a fan of the genre. Why did I buy it? I panicked.

dragon quest heroes

Dragon Quest Heroes I&II
Might well be in Japanese, and just a demo, but it feels a lot like Hyrule Warriors. Which means that if this is confirmed to be multiplayer, I’m contractually obliged to buy it.

puyo puyo tetris

Puyo Puyo Tetris
Seems to be the same as the 3DS version, but that isn’t a bad thing. I certainly won’t be paying full price for a UK release, but am more than interested in a cheap copy.

And that Zelda game?
It’s… a 3D Zelda game. And I think you all know by now what my thoughts on those are. If you don’t then, briefly: They all seem wonderful but after a while I just get bored with them. This feels a lot like those, only on a bigger scale with everything more spaced out. Except it isn’t quite, as it actually Assassin’s Creed III in Hyrule. And we all know how great Assassin’s Creed III was. And there are Borgia Towers. Sort of. And a million places to visit. It’s Link in Ubisoftland.

Switchmas Eve

The night before Switchmas
And all through the house
Fingernails were bitten
And downed Famous Grouse

I remember the panic of the Wii U launch. Would it get dispatched? Would it arrive at work before home time? Just who the hell were Zavvi anyway? It seems like just a few days ago.

Today, I had confirmation my Switch was safely with the courier. There was some concern that it was going to be dispatched to where I wasn’t going to be, but that was changed this morning. Now, there’s the wait.

Last time round I could entertain myself hammering F5 (or CMD-R, for a change) constantly whilst crying into a bucket. With the Switch, though, it all seems to have gone well. Too well. There’s nothing to refresh, I know – or at least, I am told – it will be with me before noon tomorrow. It’s unnerving.

Just think. In 24 hours I should have a new Nintendo console connected to my TV, with the foul-tasting Zelda game card jammed in and I’ll be playing it. Playing it!

But what other games am I planning on getting? Well, it’s still not 100% on what’s going to be available right away. Almost certainly I’ll download Snipperclips from the eShop, and it’s likely Fast RMX will be purchased too. I really want to get Super Bomberman R, but that’s a lot of money for a game fuelled by in-app purchases, so I might wait a bit.

Further away, the indie reveal the other day showed a lot of great looking titles coming up in the next couple of months.

Shakedown Hawaii will be bought, and the very Advance Warsy game WarGroove is a certainty too. Pocket Rumble should be awesome if it’s close to the Neo Geo Pocket Colour fighters it is trying hard to be, and Yooka Laylee and SteamWorld Dig 2 are definites as well.

And Stardew Valley. And Blaster Master Zero. In fact, that’s plenty for a while, isn’t it? I’m not even thinking about other retail games yet!

Play Want Bin Expense: 2017-02-27

Is it out yet? Is it out yet?

This time next week, my weekly roundup post should hopefully include some Nintendo Switch! Until then, I have to make do with some old stuff.


doshin the giantDoshin the Giant (GC)
The best of games. I really hope Nintendo make a sequel for the Switch. They won’t, of course, but it’d be nice. Even if it was just a slightly tarted up version of this. Some people would tell you that spending several hours moving trees from one place to another is tedious busywork. Those people are Wrong people.

Ribbit King (GC)
Only a little though. It’s great, but I’m playing this (and Doshin) emulated with a 360 controller and I’d not configured the deadzone on the sticks. Done that now, so next time the targeting reticle won’t move by itself and prevent me from taking shots. I did manage two games against my daughter, despite the Frog Drift, though.

Monster Loves You! (PC)
Something I picked up in a Humble Bundle. I completed it, but it was a bit weird.

Lumo (PS4)
I enjoyed this. And I wrote a review of it. Go and read that review.

Blimey. Is that all this week? Surely not?


SWIIIIIITCH. My extra power cables have arrived. Just need something to plug them into.


Having to wait for a Switch to arrive.


Bioshock Infinite Season Pass (Mac/PC) £7.68