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From the dawn of time: ugvm 04

Time for another one of these, I think. There was a bit of fallout from the text adventures feature in issue 03, and the cover art was stepped up a notch. Reading it now, I’m reminded of a couple of great (but probably forgotten) gems – Doshin the Giant and Pac-Man Collection. Ah, fun times. [issuu showflipbtn=true documentid=090519133013-4f9b1db7c9264937af38dd09375a7388 docname=ugvm04 username=deKay loadinginfotext=ugvm%20Issue%2004 width=420 height=297 unit=px]

Pac’n Roll Remix (Switch): COMPLETED!

No, I have no idea why I played this either. It’s one of the games on the somewhat hit-and-miss Pac-Man Museum+ collection and although it’s not really bad, there’s nothing special about it. Not least because the USP of “stroking” Pac-Man with your Nintendo DS stylus in order to twang him around the levels is totally lost. That’s said, I did enjoy most of it, aside from a couple of later levels where there are some nasty jumps-in-3D with no …