From the dawn of time: ugvm 03

From the dawn of time: ugvm 03

I think with Issue 03, our retro issue, we really hit the big time. The ugvm site got slashdotted, the bandwidth costs spiralled to £244 for just one weekend, and we were swamped with emails.

Mostly complaints about Tim saying interaction fiction was dead, which he didn’t quite say, but still – the publicity took us to over 10,000 subscribers. 10,000! Thats more than many print-based magazines!

[issuu showflipbtn=true documentid=090519132232-8fafbec832be47149b8cd797e636fcc0 docname=ugvm03 username=deKay loadinginfotext=ugvm%20Issue%2003 width=420 height=297 unit=px]

EDIT: Oh, and look at my anti-prediction there on Page 2. “You wouldn’t see any high street magazines devoting a whole issue to old games, would you?”. Soon after, there was a Retro Edge, Retro GamesTM, and then Retro Gamer! We started it all, folks.

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