The 3DS is Here

The 3DS is Here

Actually, it arrived yesterday. It’s very shiny. And very, very impressive. I’m amazed at the difference a bit of 3D makes to games – those on other consoles suddenly look very flat and “wrong”. Even just the subtly 3D menus, splash screens, and “screen furniture” make the games more alive.

No doubt over the next few days I’ll post more of my thoughts, but here’s a brainjumble purge to be getting on with:

The console

Surprisingly small. It’s supposed to be minutely larger than the DS Lite, but somehow feels a lot smaller and lighter. I think some of it is due to the top screen half being thicker than on the DS Lite, and the bottom screen half being thinner as a result. The screens are nice and clear, and the 3D “sweet spot” is easy to hit once you’ve calibrated the 3D slider and used the 3DS for a few minutes.

The circle pad is excellent, and feels like a proper console analogue stick – nothing like the awful nub on the PSP. It also helps that the circle pad is slightly concave, whereas the PSP’s is convex. All the other buttons and controls feel fine to use, and the d-pad is pleasingly clicky, if a little awkward to access. I’ve not needed it yet, though.

Built-in stuff

The augmented reality stuff is little more than a toy, but is incredibly impressive. Having a dragon burst out of your desk is amazing. I did this today too, by blowing the Mario AR card up to A3:

“Hey, dont’a touch-a me there!”

Face Raiders is fun, and plays a lot like the iPhone version of Rage, only with your face (and others) to shoot. It’s creepy when I attack myself with kisses though. Yes.

Mii Plaza looks like a nice diversion, where you use pedometer-acquired coins and passed-by 3DS users to either build a jigsaw or play a simple RPG.

Super Street Fighter IV

Excellent. Looks amazing in 3D, plays just like the console version (with the addition of useful special move shortcut panels on the touch screen), and online is lag-free. Very impressive.

Ridge Racer 3D

I’ve never really been a fan of RR, but it plays well and the 3D effect really adds to the game. It’s certainly fun, but just makes me ache for a 3DS port of Outrun 2 or C2C. That would be outstanding.

Headaches and Nausea

Thankfully, none whatsoever! My eyes watered for the first 30 seconds of playing for the first time, but after that, all was well!


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