The Best of Comment Spam #2

Lets have a little look at what spam Akismet has caught for me recently, yes?

Hey guys,

Do you want to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 full movie online? It is not released yet but you can watch it already!

Uh, no thanks!

This has made my day. I wish all psotigns were this good.

All my psotigns are this good. Whatever they are.

Thanks so much with regard to giving us an update on this matter on your web site. Please understand that if a brand-new post appears or when any adjustments occur about the current article, I would be interested in reading more and knowing how to make good use of those techniques you talk about. Thanks for your efforts and consideration of people by making this web site available.

tl;dr version: bookmarked, thanks.

This has made my day. I wish all posnigts were this good.

I have good posnigts too.

Now I know who the birany one is, I?ll keep looking for your posts.

I like a good birany, but I’d prefer a makhani, truth be told.

Hazardous For Filthy lucre is a position able to sick with you one another with a knot of inflamed babes who had set themselves in a difficult economic situation – and decided that the only custom at large of it was selling themselves to hardcore porn producers! A good hard cash further requires a lot of work – and they are in the final analysis itchy to work hard to right to their lettuce!

Kinky! I think. More women should be itchy to work hard right to their lettuce, in my opinion.

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Oh fabulous writer, with all your creative grammar and punctuation you are really spoiling me!

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