Getcha spool macs here!

Getcha spool macs here!

I have no idea what a spool mac is. Well, I do now, by the miracle of Google. They’re a big cable reel thing. A spool, if you will.

However, like Bar Gratings, I’m clearly the place to get some spool macs from. Or so the email I got this morning suggests:

From: glen johnson
Date: 11 November 2011 07:12
Subject: order

Am Mr Glen Johnson and i will like to order spool macs from your company,can i have their prices in range and the method of payment you do accept,I wish to start business with your good company so i look forward for your valued reply ASAP.

Have a nice day !

Best Regards
Glen Johnson

Well, never one to turn down a potential customer, I passed him on to my faithful sales employee, Harry:

Dear Mr Glen,

We sell large spool macs at US$120.41 each, and small spool macs at US$118.12 each.

We accept payment by Paypal and Green Shield Stamps.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Senior Executive Tie


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