How you found me in 2015

How you found me in 2015

I haven’t done this for a couple of years, but I thought I’d have a look at the search terms people used to find this blog, my gaming diary, and my main site.

My Blog

Seems The Prize Directory has been up to their old tricks, as the top three search terms in 2015 all referenced them in various permutations. More than half of the rest of the list reference them too.

Second to that are assorted searches for upgrading your 3DS SD card. I’m pleased my guide is so popular! Some even searched for “deKay 3DS transfer”.

Lower down the list, there are searches leading to my guide on how to swap the audio output on RetroPie, inject Windows updates in a .wim file for distribution, and stuff about EyeTV streaming.

My Gaming Diary

(Which is here, in case you didn’t know)

Far and away, the most popular search term last year for my Gaming Diary was “princess nom nom”. That free, simple, but somewhat endearing clicker game (without much clicking) that you can find here. Perhaps I’m one of very few people to have written about it.

After that, generic searches for “gaming diary” and “lego games” were common, and then there’s a big stream of things with very few hits each – “titan souls vita”, “nintendo wii repair guitar whammy bar spring diy”, and “super mario 3d world fairy”. Some people were looking for help with specific games (“last window key music box”, “american sk8land old school gaps”). And then… some odd stuff:

“akiba’s trip undead & undressed girls naked”
“king of all cosmos swimsuit edition”
“playstation home coy pose”

Perhaps the most confusing of all, was “dekay for monkey game”. No idea.

My Lofi-Gaming Site

(Which is here)

Sadly, I’ve not updated my main site in quite a while, but my NES PC article is still very popular, according to the search terms. Most of the rest of the searches are about emulation or the Time Top Gameking.

And two people searched for “emulation xxx picture”. Erm.

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