More I Love My Pony Miiverse Fun

More I Love My Pony Miiverse Fun

Ponies! You love them, right? Of course you do. And you love Miiverse, yes? Yes! So of course you’ll go bananas, or possibly carrots, for this follow-up post about the I Love My Pony Miiverse community.

In case you didn’t know, I Love My Pony is one of 4,676 DS and 3DS animal ownership simulators, all of which are virtually identical. The Miiverse community has been mostly hijacked by My Little Pony fans, but there’s also, well, these:

What is this? A frog? An axolotl? And is it called gummy, or is it a gummy sweet? “Best non-pony”? I think not.
Horse Riding
You like horse riding. But you appear to have a horse’s tail. Is it that you are part pony (and ride ponies?!) or is it a trophy culled from one of your ridden horses? Surely the tail would be uncomfortable in the saddle? Silly girl.
Williams Pie
This would appear to be a naked person, only without any of the usual organs you’d expect on a naked person. Is it a boy or a girl? And what does it have to do with ponies? In addition, the words seem to read “Williams Pie”. I have no idea what is going on.
Pony Fun
We all love pony fun, but remember kids – play safe and use pony protection!
Mushroom Cloud
Clippety reared up in anguish as she saw the first nuclear strike hit home. Minutes later, she, along with all her pony friends, were burnt into delicious irradiated pony jerky.
Rar, or Bra? Do ponies wear bras? Of course they don’t. But if they did – would they look like this? Of course they wouldn’t. Don’t be stupid.
I literally have no idea what this is supposed to be. Spikes? Christmas lights? Some sort of pony torture device?

And finally, someone who doesn’t really understand the concept of hashtags:

So how did you expect that to work, then, eh? It’s not like hashtags are even a thing on Miiverse, let alone would they work when written in a drawing. Those wacky French folk.

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