Nightcore x Video Games

Waiting for the item drop

Nightcore x Video Games

I’m sure you all remember that wonderful Nightcore post I did way back in February. Ah, it was a different time. The UK was still in the EU, Wales were still crap at football, and children the world over went about their daily lives blissfully ignorant of the Pokémon that lurked literally everywhere.

At the end of that post, I introduced you to the wonder that was a Nightcore version of the Pumpkin Hill Knuckles Rap, and teased that there were Nightcore versions of other video games. Well, the time has come to inflic–uh, entertain you with those! Oh yes.

Just in case you’d forgotten what Nightcore is, here’s our Graham with a quick reminder: Nightcore tracks have anime girl pictures, sound like chipmunks, and have increased BPM rates – sometimes to dangerous levels.

Let us begin, with perhaps the most iconic of all video game tunes (it was a top ten hit in the UK!) – Tetris:

Epic. Not least the drop 26 seconds in. I could probably listen to that on repeat all the live long day… if it wasn’t for all the other amazing Nightcore choons!

When you think of repetitive, impossible to unthink, video game tune earworms, one of the first to spring to mind (and remain there, glued to your thalamus) is Bubble Bobble. See, it’s in your head right now, and you’ve not even clicked play yet.

You can click play now.

So good, right? But of course, you may be wanting a palete-cleanser after that, and what better than something recognisable from virtually every Zelda game ever?

Another pretty well known Nintendo theme is the battle music from various Kirby games. Just listen to this, and the wonderful new places it takes “music” from around 46 seconds in. Lovely.

Can you name the very best non-Knuckles related Sonic music track? Green Hill Zone? Hahaha, no. Starlight Zone? Carnival Night Zone? No way. Toot Toot Sonic Warrior? Yes! But not that.

No, the correct answer is Sonic Adventure 2’s incredible Escape from the City of course! (Of course). ROLLING AROUND AT THE SPEED OF SOUND HELL YEAH.

Hard to top that, right? Aside from Nightcore Knuckles, of course. And this masterpiece – Castlevania’s Bloody Tears. In Nightcore form. BOOM.

And there we have it. Conclusive proof that Nightcore and Video Games combined create the greatest of all things.

Finally, and although not technically a game, it is related to a game and relevant given yesterday’s post, I give you one more bonus track:


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