You know the score.


Once upon a time, I was looking for a particular music track on YouTube. I don’t remember which one but it was quite obscure, so not many matches came back. One that did, however, was something with the same title with the word Nightcore added. That and the thumbnail was of an anime girl. I’d discovered the rabbit hole that is Nightcore Versions of Songs. And oh my is it deep.

Things I have since discovered about Nightcore include:

  • They all have pictures of anime girls. There is no reason for this.
  • Most of them are simply pitch-bent mixes of the original track.
  • If the song exists, it’s highly likely there’s a Nightcore version.
  • Nightcore is bloody awesome.

Let us take a journey. Starting with, of course, Journey:

Boom! See? It’s incredible. And it’s just one of many versions of the same song that’s been Nightcore’d up. Next, perhaps something a little more… metal?

In fact, you can go even further that way. Instead of mild metal in the form of Black Sabbath, what about something from Sunn O)))?

You see, Nightcore is like Rule 34. Old kids’ TV theme tunes? Tick:

Eurovision flops? Tick:

Disney classics? Tick:

What about those terrible novelty songs that somehow became hits and you don’t know why? Well, Nightcore has you covered!

Samba? Samba de Janerio!

Which brings us to video games. Which means NIGHTCORE KNUCKLES RAP.

And finally, to finish off (because if I don’t I’ll just post half of YouTube’s Nightcore archive) – what about this utter masterpiece:

I’m always looking for more of this sort of awesomeness, so please let me know what you find in the deep pit of chipmunk music mixes that is Nightcore!

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