Flappy Bird and Crossy Road

Flappy Bird and Crossy Road

Verby Noun seems to be a thing for mobile games these days. Flappy Bird, Crossy Road, Twisty Board, Choppy Knight, Swimmy Fish, Flippy Bottle and – what the hell – Jumpy Tree!? Twee Verby Noun games are the new Games That Aren’t Boggle, or something. I don’t really know as I don’t use my telephone for gaming because I’m a grownup.

verby noun jumpy-tree twisty-board flippybottle choppy-knight

It did get me thinking though, about how easy it is to create a game concept simply using that naming structure. How easy? This easy:

Addy Sums
Alerty Klaxon
Announcey Tannoy
Applaudy Audience
Attacky Tiger
Bakey Cake
Barky Dog
Bitey Mouth
Bleedy Corpse
Blessy Priest
Boily Water
Bomby Plane
Bruisey Knee
Burny Fire
Burrowy Badger
Chasey Missile
Choppy Axe
Coily Spring
Comby Hair
Connecty Dots
County Sheep
Crushy Grapes
Cryey Baby
Cutty Knife
Dancey Party
Darny Sock
Dially Phone
Diggy Hole
Dividey Cells
Drinky Pop
Drippy Tap
Drivey Car
Drowny Kittens
Eaty Pie
Echoy Tunnel
Fally Rain
Floaty Boat
Floody Valley
Flushy Toilet
Followy Leader
Haunty Ghost
Hitty Boxer
Holdy Hand
Hoppy Bunny
Injecty Drugs
Itchy Bits
Joggy Bottoms
Kicky Foot
Kissy Face
Knitty Knots
Knocky Wood
Launchy Rocket
Licky Tongue
Locky Door
Marchy Band
Melty Blood[ref]No, that’s a real one![/ref]
Mergey Traffic
Milky Cow
Moisteny Towelette
Openy Window
Packy[ref]Careful![/ref] Bags
Parky Car
Painty Brush
Pointy Finger
Preservey Fruit
Pressy Button
Pricky Sausage
Pumpy Tyres
Punchy Face
Reversey Truck
Selly Shop
Shiny Star
Shocky Cable
Shooty Gun
Shouty Man
Sneezey Nose
Spanny Bridge
Squeaky Mouse
Stabby Dagger
Swervey Bike
Swoopy Bat
Tappy Shoulder
Tempty Treat
Throwy Stick
Tossy Salad
Turny Handle
Votey Candidate
Walky Path
Warny Sign
Washy Dishes
Wavey Flag
Whippy Horse
Wrappy Present

That easy. Every single one evokes an actual game just from the title, and each is a surefire million selling hit. Now, if only I could code well enough to make them. That and I suspect half of them probably already exist.

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