Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin (DS)

Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin (DS)

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Again, the stats: 8 hours 34 minutes in, Level 39 reached, 895.5% explored. Good lord. Who’s betting it’ll be 1000% when all is done?

So I completed the final four paintings. Or at least, what I thought were the final four. The bosses today included Medusa (who was VERY easy, once I realised there was a place you could stand, from where you could slap her about, but not get hit by any of her attacks (well, you had to duck for one, but still). I also had Frankenstein’s Monster, and a Werewolf to kill, neither of which were especially difficult. Oh, and a mummy, who was easy too.

I’ve ditched the Nebula whip in favour of the Royal Sword I got for completing one of Wind’s quests. It’s a little slow, but does waaaaaay more damage than anything else I had at the time of getting it, and even now it’s still my most powerful weapon.

Anyway. After all the paintings were done, the big one they were “sealing” opened, and I went inside to kill Brauner. He was pretty simple once I realised his pattern, and also I found that I’d picked up a Meteor spell somewhere along the way which really helped too. With him dead, the doorway to Dracula was open. So you do have to kill Dracula in this game – it didn’t look like that was going to happen…

But I failed to do so. The reason? You don’t fight Dracula. You fight Dracula and Death. At the same time. Gah!

So I stopped all that and decided to go and do some more quests. Collected loads more items and spells and things along the way, and when I reached 888% explored I opened up a new area and a new painting – Nest of Evil. It’s Boss Rush mode, more or less! I gave it a go, and got through all the rooms of “normal” baddies, only to come across a baddie from Dawn of Sorrow who promptly killed me.

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