Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin (DS): COMPLETED!

Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin (DS): COMPLETED!

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TA-DAAAH! Completed!

I gave up on the Nest of Evil thing, and went back to the game proper. Decided it was time to actually learn to use the Vampire Killer, so set about killing Richiter Belmont. Yes, really. Well, a “memory” of him anyway. Bizarrely, the weapon I killed him with, was the Cream Pie. It dealt a fair amount of damage, and could be thrown at such an angle so as to be just out of reach of his whip.

So he was killed, I had the Vampire Killer, and it was off to kill Dracula and Death. And then Dracula again. One attempt and I died, and then the next attempt – kill0red!

After the credits and all, I found I’d unlocked two more modes – Richiter Mode and Sisters Mode. The former is just Richiter (and Maria) with a cut-down weapon set and no items. Played that for a bit. Sisters Mode is Loretta and Stella, controlled with the d-pad, and they attack using the stylus. It’s totally bizarre. Played that for a bit too.

Then I played online in co-op mode, which is basically Boss Rush (of a sort). The guy I was randomly paired up with was crap though.

Then I went through Boss Rush course 1 in just under two minutes. Go me!


  1. Not yet, no. The rest is just filler, really. Like the Battle Arena in Harmony, it’s just there for something else to do. You certainly don’t have to, and, unlike in Harmony, you don’t even need to do it to get the best weapons and stuff.

    But seeing as there are 8 “level” paintings at 100% each, the castle at 100%, and the Nest of Evil to add another 100%, then yes – 1000% seems to be the total.

    Where the hell is SOTN on XBLA anyway? Tch.


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