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Contact (DS)

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I thought the next boss was going to be Mint, and I certainly met her, but no. It turned out to be a big machine (controlled by a lab technician on the top screen) and a load of soldiers (which kept being “beamed in” by another lab technician). Both were overseen by a man in a hat.

And it was the most amazing boss fight ever. You have to kill all the soldiers before you can attack the machine, but they keep being beamed in by the bloke on the right. If you kill them, then the machine attacks you. Luckily, there are big channel + and – buttons, which control the giant TV set behind everyone on the top screen, and different channels distract different people. Like, the cute animal channel stops one of the technicians from doing his job.

This was fantastic, until I found a channel called (and I kid thee not) “The Pink”, which was full of semi-naked women wrestling, kickboxing, and posing. This distracted everyone, making the boss a complete walkover. Ace!

After that I worked my way back out of the complex, killed the pilots (and got a “Flyboy” suit), impressed a woman with my dragonfly, and then set sail for Aegis and the next Cell. Hurrahz.

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