Contact (DS)

Contact (DS)

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I found an archaeologist, and led him through the pyramid I could get further through than the other one (if you see what I mean). I then found a secret room, and in it, some panels on the floor – one for each attack type. I walked over them all, and the Striking one disappeared and boosted my stats, but I don’t know what to do with the other two.

I then left, and bumped up my cooking skills to level 23, and I can now cook Rotten Meat, and make Potions. Aces. Problem is, it’s actually easier to buy potions, and you’re hardly saving any money at all from making them yourself.

Then I bought some better weapons, and found a woman in a broken car, which I fixed by buying a spare part. To thank me, she took off her clothes and gave them to me. Then I went for a bath in an oasis with another semi naked woman. This game is wrong.

Eventually, I realised I couldn’t find anywhere else to go, and it seems I need a Monk Outfit from the Ruins to dig a hole somewhere. So off I sailed back to there, killed some of the people (to see what happens), and found a miner who took off his clothes. I then stole them. After that, I gave a girl some flowers, killed a child and an old woman (more wrongness), and set sail back to Aegis. Which takes Aegis. Oho.

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