Lostmagic (DS)

Lostmagic (DS)

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Hmm. I’m not really sure if I’m enjoying this or not. The premise is great – draw shapes to cast spells – but the fights are too difficult as a result. You’re under two much pressure to draw quickly and accurately, and your mana bar (which you use for spells) drains much too fast. Even the faux-RTS element with controllable monsters that you’ve captured is clumsy and hit-and-miss. There’s just too much to keep an eye on at once.

Anyway. I’ve run away from the Diva of Twilight, had a few fights, killed an evil mage, and now I’ve found the Sage of Water. Only he’s gone bad. So I have to kill him. But it’s too hard.

Decided to play a duel online then, having given up on the Sage of Water, and got my bottom handed to me in under 10 seconds by someone on a much much higher level than me, who was accompanied by what appeared to be a pack of golden wolves. Oh.

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