Little Big Planet (PS3): COMPLETED!

Little Big Planet (PS3): COMPLETED!

By “completed”, I mean, I’ve finished all the story levels and beaten the end boss. I know there are more challenges, and 96898621504588 user made levels, and hidden stuff, and things to collect and all that sort of thing, but no – I’ve had enough.

It wasn’t terrible, but as a game (rather than a tool), it was all a bit lacking. The into and out of the screen moving, the strange jumping physics, the wonky collision detection, and the getting-stuck-in-scenery bits all just combined to frustrate. The game stopped being fun right near the beginning, and by the end it was a chore punctuated with occasional “wow!” sections and giggling. And the controls? Bleugh.

I did try out the highly rated user made ICO “remake” level, which was quite interesting, but sadly still suffered from much of the above. Oh well.

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