RSG – The Return

Oh so many years ago, even further back than my last site update post, I wrote a game called RSG for the CSSCGC. It was too good to win.

Now, I have made a new version. A tiny, tiny version. So tiny!

Have a look on my new RSG page.

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Site updates

Not much to add here, but I have updated the Games Museum section again. I’ve taken it over 2000 titles now!

Hopefully, I’ll be adding some more bits and pieces to the site soon. Yeah, I’ve been saying that for a long time, but you never know…

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Site updates

Just a quick note to say I’ve updated a few bits an pieces on the site recently. I’ve put some more videos up on Game Over, Yeah!!, and I’ve also added my latest game purchases to the Game Museum. I’m closing in on 2000 titles now!

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New Section: Game Over, Yeah!!

You may have noticed a new link up there on the menu bar – one to my new site (or sub-site? Maybe). It’s called “Game Over, Yeah!!” and it’s a site (sub-site, whatever) with a purpose:

It’s Game Over, Yeah!!

A video site with a simple premise. I play games and record them for your watching pleasure. Only there’s a catch: when I lose my first life, it’s Game Over, Yeah!!

Will I last ten minutes? Ten seconds? Who knows!

Why not click the link and see the exciting videos? Gwan!

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Even More Crap

All my CSCCGC entries are now online in a playable form! Wow at the graphics! Thrill at the playablility! Groan at the “jokes”! Hate at the controls!

Thirteen fabulous Spectrum games to choose from. Every one a winner! (Note: I never won the CSSCGC).

Don’t delay – hurry over to the CGC page right now! The “fun” starts here!


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Some more crap

I’ve added all my comp.sys.sinclair Crap Games Competition entries to the site (again). Hurrah!

Well, I say “all”, I stupidly entered a few games last year and they’re not there yet. But they will be soon. Also! I’ll make them all playable with an emulator, so you’ll be able to amaze at them in motion. Although some of them don’t move. Hmm. Anyway!

They’re all here.

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ugvm Back Issues

Once upon a time, I was editor of a fabulous free video gaming magazine called ugvm. It was ace. But, due to to the amount of work it involved I ended up giving it up. However, the back issues are now on this site in a lovely read-on-your-screen format! Hurrah!

You can see them on the ugvm page.

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Well, this is a bit different, isn’t it? It’s all new and shiny WordPress now. There are a few new things that I’ve added recently, like the Top 10 Games bit, and I’ve even brought back some long missing sections of the site, such as the Tech Scans from Everyday Electronics. More things to come soon!

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Going Live

I’ve been working behind the scenes for a few weeks transferring my old site over to WordPress, and here it is. Mostly.

I’m still working on it, and pages will be (re)appearing over the coming weeks, along with some new stuff, so please keep checking back!

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Coming soon!

Just building up a load of pages on the site ready for Transfer Day when I can replace my old site with this one. How exciting!

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