Reeling in a scammer

Reeling in a scammer

This never works, but it’s always worth a go to see how far things progress. Earlier this week, I got the following email:

Hi Sales,

Am Mr Henry Romans. I want to place an order from you. I know the difficulties encountered when shipping internationally, But that will not be a problem because i am registered with a shipping company whom i have used severally without any delay nor problems with my goods. Before i place these order, i want you to notify me if i am able to place the order and most important: If i can make payment with my credit cards Visa/Mc because that is the only way we are set for payment now without no delay. I don’t place online orders can i e-mail my ORDER needed then you can give me a quote here and make charges to my cards manually on your end ? Pls Clarify.

Looking forward to your swift response then we can proceed further as soon as possible.

Warmest Regards.

Mr Henry Romans

Shipping Address:
103-103 Yangwoo Apt, 323 Sosadong Sosaku
Bucheon City
Reg. No. 1450528

How could I resist? I thought I’d play along, not expecting much (as I said – they rarely respond back).

Dear Mr Henry,

Yes, we can ship many product to you by the way of your shipping company and I am happy to take your credit cards (we accept MC/VISA/AMEX/Diners/TigerTokens) by emailing so I can quote immediately.

How many units are you in the ordering of?

Haz (Sales Corp Exec Admin)

Imagine my surprise when he actually emailed back! I’m not sure what he thinks I’m selling though, and I’m not certain how this scam actually “works”, or at least, is supposed to work, but still…


I will like you to send me the list of products you have available and their prices,so i can choose the one that is most suitable for me.


After some thought, I decided what I would sell him and emailed this back:

Dear Mr Henry,

We have a many selection of assorted different products and styles. Our best selling products are SUNGLASSES and GENUINE FAKE ROLEX WATCHES, but we also sell GOLF CLUBS, SPYING EQUIPMENT, MP3/MP4/MP5 PLAYERS, GAME CONSOLES, BAR GRATINGS, CELL PHONE CHARGERS and USB GADGETS.

Which of these are you most interested in?

Haz (Sales Admin Exec Sales)

Let’s hope the fishy bites, yes? I may have jinxed it with the bar gratings though.

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