Play Want Bin Expense: 2016-03-21

Play Want Bin Expense: 2016-03-21

More retro stuff! Almost no non-retro stuff! Time to bin the PS4!


Midnight Resistance (Spectrum)
After playing the Mega Drive version last week, I sought out the Spectrum “original”. Yes, I know the arcade version was the original, but that’s not my first contact with the game. Completed it.

Midnight Resistance (C64)
Which I decided to do as well. My word, are C64 emulators stuck in the dark ages compared to other machines. I spent almost as much time trying to figure out configuring controls and stuff than I did playing the game, which is not as good as the Speccy one, but does have better music. Completed it.

Strider (MD)
One of my first Mega Drive games and one very rarely completed – mainly due to the Boss Rush at the end. Stuck with it this time and got it done. It was hard.

Batman (MD)
Much easier than I recall, aside from the batwing level, but with some terrible boss fights. It hasn’t aged well, unfortunately. Also completed.

Land of Illusion (MS)
A big step up from Castle of Illusion. More levels, more variety, more everything. Excellent game, completed.

Legend of Illusion (MS)
A shoddy Game Gear back-port, which improves on the previous two 8bit “Illusion” games in some ways, but is a massive step back in others. A disappointing end to the not-quite-a-trilogy. Completed.

Castlevania: The New Generation (MD)
Better than I remember. Pretty awesome, in fact. Another completed game this week!

Puggsy (Mega CD)
This took a little while to get working, mainly because I had to find a way of ripping the original disc to a bin/cue file pair. That’s done now, and I’ve beaten the first two bosses.


Starting to wonder if I actually want these now, given the fun I’ve had with retro games recently, but:

No Man’s Sky (PS4)
I think.

Lego Marvel Avengers (PS4)

Firewatch (PS4)
Do I?

YES. This I definitely still need.


PS4? It doesn’t play Mega Drive games.


Nothing this week, again.

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