Mirror’s Edge (iPhone): COMPLETED!

Mirror’s Edge (iPhone): COMPLETED!

The Rev had pointed out that this was excellent. I wasn’t so sure, since I loved the 360 version and a move to a 2D, controller-less version didn’t seem like it would work. If only he’d said “It’s like ‘Run!’, only better”, I’d have bought it like a shot.

As it is, The Rev died this week. Also this week, EA had a sale on the App Store, and Mirror’s Edge was reduced to 59p, so in some strange, possibly wrong, way – I bought it in tribute. Is that appropriate? Probably not. Would The Rev mind? I doubt it. Too late now, anyway.

Today, I played it from start to finish in one sitting. And it is glorious. Just like Run!, there are swipes to do different moves, and you can change running direction, wall run, climb, swing and do an alarming number of things you can in the “proper” game – all in 2D. It feels the same too, with the same graphical style and story. At 59p, it’s an utter bargain.

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