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Pikmin 2

Finished what I started last night, and made my way into the Subterranean Complex cave in the Valley of Repose. First few floors were pretty easy, but then I had to kill some floaty things which dropped bombs, and some electric beetle things, and some spidery things, AND get rid of some poison clouds, all in the same three square millimetres. Lost a few Pikmin, but made it through. Then had some big metallic thing that kept firing things at …

Pikmin 2

I decided to go back to the Valley of Repose (the first level) today, now I’m armed with every type of Pikmin. Although I opened up a fairly large area (and killed another bodyless bird, and some other things), about 40 of my Pikmin got squished by a rock fired from a big baddie. Bah.

Sega Superstars

Waving my arms around in front of the TV is not something I generally do. Shout and swear at it, yes, but not pretend I’m actually part of a game by doing so. EXCEPT WAIT! I am part of the game! With the Eyetoy, you too can actually be in Virtua Fighter, Puyo Puyo, Super Monkey Ball and other Sega games. Almost. Well, it was fun for a bit anyway. My arms hurt too. Some games work better than others: …

Anarchy Online

My Santa Hat and Suit are now off, and so it’s back to the gimp garb. I gained a level today, so I’m on Level 8 now. Or 9. Or forget which. It isn’t easy enough to level up, which is a pain, and there’s nowhere to make easy money. I’ve gained four levels now, and still don’t have enough money to buy a decent weapon. Bah. Anyway, I’m Chutney the Nanomage on Rimor if you want to find me.

Pikmin 2

So I found the blue Onion today, and merrily spent an hour racking up my Blue Army. Then proceeded to wander through one of the levels and kill no end of huge baddies, including one of those bird-head things. I have all the Pikmin colours now, but it does annoy me a little that you can’t grow more white or purple ones, but instead have to find flowers and convert five or so other colours at a time.